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We offer a full range of salon treatments and styling services provided by a team of professional stylists, all in a clean air environment .


Product MRP 2000.00

About the Prana Energy Stone

1.  Uniquely produced using a Korean Mineral Science Technology to provide us with sufficient scalar frequencies.

2.  Contains high quality bonded volcanic minerals that efficiently emit the powerful scalar energy.

3.  Some forms of energy are more effective than others and have a whole range of profound beneficial effects on the human body.   


Benefit Of Prana Energy Stone

  1.  Helps to protect DNA from damage
  2.  Strengthens our Body’s bio-field preventing from electro-magnetic waves affecting our health 
  3.  Increases focus and concentration 
  4.  Helps to retard the ageing process 
  5.  Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification 
  6.  Enhances cellular permiability 
  7.  Reduces inflammation 
  8.  Promotes unclumping of cells 
  9.  Enhances blood circulation 
  10.  Enhances Immune and Endocrine systems